Monedo Loans

Monedo is the modern alternative to traditional banking. It offers simply and easy options to get money - online payments, direct loans, daleyed payments and many other fintech services. It operates in many global markets, like Poland, Spain, Russia or India.

Project for:
Kreditech Ltd


My role:

Wiktor Matczak (leading)
Piotr Fijałkowki (leading)
Miron Grzegorkiewicz (UX, UI)


Monedo wanted to simplify the complicated ordering process for its products. We wanted to simplify the user's path as much as possible in order to reach the goal of identifying the company with the simplicity of its products - this way we wanted to achieve an advantage over traditional banking products.


What have been done?

  • Research with users based on the old solutions and data audits
  • Conclusions for improvements
  • New interface from the roots
  • Tests with new interface based on research results
  • Managing and supporting developers work with implementation the new solution
  • Audit implementation
  • We've gathered users feedback

Selected results

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